Many are the estimates that were made how far Bitcoin could go this year. But, nevertheless, there are some models that allow us to approach a slightly more accurate vision. And, one of them is the S2F model, or stock-to-flow created by PlanB.

PlanB now points to the possibility of the second stage of the Bitcoin bull rally being a reality. To echo his expectation, he has turned to Twitter and presented what could be one of the most optimistic data for the Bitcoin community.

The S2F now targets a value mark of nearly half a million dollars by 2022. By the end of the year, Bitcoin is also about to increase more than$ 100,000 according to the same data. Something interesting is also that the data also seem to copy the bull run of 2013.

Robert Kiyosaki: “Bitcoin will fall to $ 24,000”

Influential financier Robert Kiyosaki predicted the biggest drop in world history. He indicated that the price of Bitcoin would drop to $ 24,000-a terrifying forecast!

Particularly, this is possibly in reference to recent news of more stimulus aid from the U.S. government.

To recall, in December 2020, Robert Kiyosaki advised to buy Bitcoin. Until its price exceeded $ 20,000 and predicted the growth of the first cryptocurrency to $ 50,000.

Charles Hoskinson: Why should Elon Musk invest in Cardano?

IOHK CEO and Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson during his participation in the Lex Fridman podcast highlighted the main reasons why Tesla CEO Elon Musk should invest in Cardano instead of Bitcoin. For his part, he also indicated that Dogecoin could vanish.

The first argument about placing Cardano over Bitcoin was sustainability and carbon neutrality. Another of the reasons that highlighted putting Cardano on Bitcoin was that, BTC has “programming limitations” which prevents it from doing “interesting, unique and attractive things.”

Professional basketball league in Canada will offer its players salaries in Bitcoin

Canada’s professional men’s basketball league, Elite Canadian Basketball (CEBL), is taking a step forward in adopting digital currencies after announcing it will begin offering Bitcoin salary to its players.

The CEBL reported this week an association with Bitbuy. A Toronto-based cryptocurrency platform, which will allow the league to pay athletes a portion of their salaries in Bitcoin. Basketball players will be able to request the conversion of part of their remuneration from Canadian dollars to the cryptocurrency.

Mark Cuban calls for regulation of stablecoins after Iron Finance

Billionaire investor and DeFi supporter Mark Cuban has called for stablecoins to be regulated after losing money on what he called a “slap on the wrist” in the Iron Finance protocol.

According to Iron Finance, the partially collateralized stablecoin project was the subject of a” historic bank panic ” that caused the price of the stablecoin IRON to disengage from its backing. As a result, the price of Iron’s native token, TITAN, plummeted almost 100% in two days from its all-time high of $64.04.

Bitcoin is sparking a paradigm shift, according to Novogratz

Cryptocurrency billionaire prophet Mike Novogratz claimed that the true value of Bitcoin lies in the growing social acceptance it has achieved.

Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital, had a live chat on Twitch with rapper Sir Robert Bryson Hall, known as Logic, in which he promoted the technology on which Bitcoin is based, but said that it would have no value if no one believed in its potential.

In the informal conversation he said that he was in the US armed forces-where he had as a model the character of Tom Cruise in Top Gun – and recalled how he entered the world of cryptocurrency investments, after the global crisis of 2009, which caused the fall of several financial institutions.