SkyBridge Capital CEO, former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, says he is launching an Ethereum fund. Also, you will apply for an ETF. For its part, the firm has already invested nearly $ 500 million in Bitcoin and is now looking to expand to Ethereum.

“We have a total commitment to cryptocurrencies.”

Specifically, Anthony Scaramucci, talks about the game plans, with host Frank Chaparro in the episode of The Scoop. Which is The Block’s flagship podcast covering the finance and technology industries, through unrivaled interviews.

Likewise, Anthony Scaramucci sees the purchase of Morgan Stanley in his Bitcoin fund as a sign that institutions are ready to enter the cryptocurrency market. He is therefore very optimistic that more institutional money will flow to the market.

“Morgan Stanley is a very important part of our business.”

Very importantly, former White House official Scaramucci also said SkyBridge would continue to increase its existing funds related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Anthony Scaramucci and his Ethereum fund

In this regard, for Anthony Scaramucci, Ethereum is a currency that has very good properties and a promising future.

«I think there’s a really big market for Ethereum. I predict that Ethereum has good foundations and will grow».

In the same vein, in addition to statements in favor of Ethereum and noting that this has great opportunities in the future, Anthony Scaramucci stress that for the moment the institutional attention is focused on Bitcoin. So investor demand remains strong towards the main digital currency.

In fact, on the podcast of The Block news director Frank Chaparro, Anthony Scaramucci stated: “On July 1, we will launch a private Ethereum fund. Then, we will request an ETF for Ethereum. Once again, no one can guess when those things will happen».

«If you had asked me in May of last year ‘ When are we going to have an ETF?’, I would have thought it would have been by now.».

In addition, he added: “I can say, it’s public information, that we request a Bitcoin-related ETF. As we speak, we’re making an announcement about an ETF for a digital innovation fund. Which has some excellent publicly traded assets that we believe are geared towards».

SEC clearance

As a fun fact, SkyBridge is one of the U.S. companies competing for a Bitcoin ETF. But, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has not yet given the go-ahead. Other companies, such as NYDIG, Fidelity, and Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest, are among those pursuing Bitcoin ETF launches.

In closing, Anthony Scaramucci said:”I think we’ll be sitting here in a year. There will still be skeptics, but there will be a little more people in the pool with us. And as a result, prices will be higher».

Finally, with the release of Anthony Scaramucci, will the SEC finally change its stance on progress and approval in other countries? Leave your opinion in the comments box.

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