The North American company, Terawulf, dedicated to Bitcoin mining, will buy a total of 30 thousand machines from the manufacturer Bitmain. The sale agreement was known a few hours ago and, in addition, it was reported that the purchased equipment will be shipped between January and August 2022. With this, the US company plans to increase its capacity to 3 exahashes per second (EH/s).

According to a statement published by the Asian manufacturer Bitmain, the machines agreed, belong to the model S19j. These equipment, are part of the latest generation series that the aforementioned manufacturer took out. They have a computing power of 100 terahashes per second (TH / s). So, each of these machines, mine the equivalent of $723 dollars a month with the Bitcoin rate of $34,920 per coin.

On the other hand, it is noted that Terawulf, it calls itself a model mining company of the future. This is due to its environmentally friendly mining capability. According to your portal web, this firm produces 90% of its bitcoins with clean energy. It is important to note that, after its merger with IKONIC announced 5 days ago, the firm is listed on Nasdaq with the initials WULF.

How does this North American Bitcoin mining company plan to expand?

Leveraging the good intentions of US authorities to accept Chinese Bitcoin mining farms, the company Terawulf it begins its stage of expansion. In this sense, by 2021, the company aims to have 50 MV of energy use installed in the mining business.

Likewise, by 2025, they have set the goal of reaching 800 MV, they explain in a press release. The latter would lead them to the imposing power of hash of 23 EH/s. To get an idea of the magnitude of that figure, it equals 1/4 of the hashrate current total of the entire Bitcoin network. It should be noted that, currently, Bitcoin computation is at 2019 levels.

The big advantage of this firm, is that its Bitcoin mining farms, as noted above, are powered by clean energy. «Terawulf represents a new paradigm for cryptocurrency mining, which is an important strategic advantage. This is based on the use of reliable, sustainable, safe and low-cost energy sources to sustain our activity“, said Paul Prager, CEO of Terawulf.

With such initiatives, the Bitcoin mining business seems to take a new step that portends better understanding with authorities and investors. The use of clean and environmentally friendly energy sources opens doors to cryptocurrency in areas where there has been suspicion about this issue.

The Bitcoin mining farms of the American company Terawulf, are 90% powered by renewable energy, as announced on their website. Source: Coindesk
The Bitcoin mining farms of the American company Terawulf, are 90% powered by renewable energy, as announced on their website. Source: CoinDesk

The acquisition of the new batch of 30,000 mining equipment

The agreement between Bitmain and the company Terawulf, for the purchase of 30 thousand Bitcoin mining equipment, it is among the largest purchases this year. Other giants of the sector such as Riot Blockchain, Marathon and Core Scientific, are on the list of almost exclusive customers of Bitmain.

With regard to this purchase agreed between the two companies, Prager was emphatic in talking about his expectations. «This agreement with Bitmain is the next step for a fast and efficient progress of our operations. We expect substantial growth in our hashing capacity», express.

At the same time, he stressed that he hopes to maintain strong relationships with the manufacturer. This, she continued, will allow her firm to position itself as the world leader in the business of green-fueled Bitcoin mining.