Ether buyers entered below $ 1,900 on Wednesday. Which helped the second largest cryptocurrency erase initial losses on Tuesday when the cryptocurrency fell below 2K. At the time of publication, the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain presents a resistance over $ 2,000.

Experts suggest that there are chances of bullish sentiment. It is important to mention, that the cryptocurrency recorded better profits than Bitcoin. Because of its role in a surge of booming cryptocurrency sectors. Such as decentralized finance (DeFi), non-expendable tokens (NFT), and stablecoins.

Currently, the second largest cryptocurrency on the market is trading at $ 2,005 with an increasing variation of 0.42%. In the last 24 hours according to our internal crypto online tool.

Brazil’s securities regulator approves Ethereum exchange-traded fund

QR Capital, a Brazilian financial services company, reported that it will launch Latin America’s first Ethereum exchange-traded fund (ETF). Which was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission of that country. The date on which it will be officially available has not been specified.

The fund, which is listed under the slate key QETH11, will be listed on Brazil’s B3 stock exchange. Highly reputed, it operates as a regional exchange and serves clients from all over the world. QETH11 will use the same Ether index as the one used by CME Group. And, you will use the institutional custody services provided by Gemini of the Winklevoss twins.

In its announcement, the issuer of the fund presents the product as ” a simple, secure and regulated option for any investor to gain direct exposure to Ethereum through their preferred brokerage. Without worrying about registrations in exchanges, wallets or private keys.” QR Asset Management buys physical ETH for the product. And, it is committed to ensuring a high level of transparency and security for QETH11 investors.

Argentina’s twitter user captured USD 70,000 and loses it by leveraging Ethereum

The desire to make money fast with the price variations of cryptocurrencies usually ends with bad results. This happened to a group of 58 people who would have sent more than $ 70,000 to an alleged “trader” who summoned, through Twitter. To a digital asset investment fund.

The operator, identified as @Ozono_Merval in the popular social network. He raised the funds and apparently “invested” them in the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network. The alleged operation was carried out more than a week ago on the Binance exchange, according to local Argentine media.

DeFi Startup Optimism launches Alpha of its Uniswap Layer-Two solution

After a long wait, decentralized finance (DeFi) startup Optimism launched its Alpha layer dos (L2) solution for Uniswap via the main network Optimistic Ethereum (OΞ).

The ” movement marks the first step for DeFi applications (dapps) to compete and surpass the experiences of traditional web users.” The startup said in a blog post Tuesday.

Uniswap transactions of the DeFi exchange are conducted on Ethereum and the accompanying gas fees that, at times this year, reached unsustainable highs. Solutions such as Optimism seek to reduce associated costs.

During the Alpha period, OΞ will admit an initial return of 0.6 transactions per second, the startup said in its post.

As a result of the third iteration of Uniswap, known as version 3 (v3), and being one of the few protocols implemented in the startup’s main network. The transaction capacity must be in line with the results of layer one (L1).

Curiosities: Man who dumped his hard drive with 7,500 bitcoins and now, tries new plan to recover it

Remember the man from Wales who mistakenly threw a hard drive with 7,500 bitcoins into the dumpster? At the beginning of 2021 we tell how the British citizen has made a thousand attempts to try to recover that fortune housed in the municipal landfill.

In the year 2013, a man from the city of Newport, in Wales, United Kingdom. Named James Howells, he mistakenly threw a hard drive with Bitcoin into the dumpster, instead of another old device he wanted to get rid of. It contained the key to his wallet, which housed 7,500 BTC, currently worth $ 244 million.

Since then the man, who is an Information Technology engineer and is 35 years old, has tried to recover them. After many times asking the City Council for help, in January of this year. He asked the agency for permission to search the city dump for the device.

He offered the municipality – if they let him explore at the landfill-25% of the value of Bitcoin in the form of relief funds for city residents affected by COVID-19. But he received a negative response. Since it would review between 300 thousand and 400 thousand tons of waste:

“The cost of digging up the landfill, storing and treating the waste could run into millions of pounds. Without any guarantee of finding it or that it is still in operation.” The City Council answered.

But he didn’t convince him: now he’s back in the ring, still focused on his goal and shared his new 12-month plan with The Sun publication. To search the city landfill using X-ray scanning devices and artificial intelligence technology.