Investor Kevin O’Leary, known for his stake in Shark Tank, reported personally investing in Bitcoin. However, he does not believe that large institutions are doing the same with crypto.

Kevin O’Leary invests in Bitcoin

In an interview with TD Ameritrade Network, Kevin O’Leary explained that the idea that institutions are investing Bitcoin is wrong.

«They still aren’t. There is no institution, no sovereign or pension plan, that is doing this yet because they have not overcome the problems of ESG.”O’Leary explained about crypto.

Basically O’Leary with this means that the crypto leader has not overcome some of the hurdles it faces, including, and as we have reported, the environmental impact that its mining generates. And investors are “looking for evidence that digital crypto assets have been created ethically and with renewable energy, rather than carbon-emitting fuels».

Now you can detect illicit crypto activity on BSC

Crypto firm CipherTrace announce added support for the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Blockchain. This with the aim of providing its customers with tools to identify suspicious crypto activity on the Blockchain.

The news was shared by CoinDesk and comes amid an increase in attacks and vulnerabilities in the protocols running on the network.

SEC initiates proposed crypto review for a Bitcoin ETF

According to the document filed, the SEC initiated review of two more applications for a crypto Bitcoin ETF.

These ETFs are those proposed by SkyBridge Capital of Anthony Scaramucci and Wise Origin Bitcoin Trust of Fidelity Investments. And, while this means a breakthrough given that it joins four others that are under review, there are still about 10 pending crypto proposals missing.

Meanwhile, the SEC is expected to make a decision on VanEck’s crypto app next month.

Bank of Canada seeks green CBDC

According to Penticton Western News, Canada’s Central bank lieutenant governor Timothy Lane assured that although a CBDC is not yet planned to be launched, it promises that it will be a much greener project than the crypto leader.

Basically Lane seeks not to depend “of those methods of mining technologies that are very wasteful for the environment that we have seen with cryptos».

Nic Carter doesn’t think Elon Musk is right to lead Bitcoin’s environmental impact debate

Nic Carter of Castle Island Ventures explained to Bloomberg that he doesn’t think Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, is the right person to lead the debate on “clean Bitcoin,” “possibly not as far as the Bitcoin community is concerned.”

«Bitcoiners remain highly skeptical of Musk and see him as in conflict, given that his business partially involves selling off compensation», argue. In this way, Carter suggests that instead of banning the crypto leader, lawmakers should create more green networks for crypto mining.

In a few lines…

  • paypal allow its users withdraw their crypto to external wallets.
  • Nvidia’s crypto chip mining cards have earned the company $ 155 million.