In April of this year it was confirmed that Binance, the exchange with the highest trading volume in the world, launched its own NFTs market, a trading platform for these tokens. Today, June 24, its marketplace of non-expendable tokens is already operational.

This digital collectible marketplace was incorporated as a new section within the exchange platform. So those who already have an account on Binance, do not need to make any special registration to trade.

Binance Projection: “The largest in the world”

The project manager said at the time that she wanted to create the largest NFT market in the world. The release date of the platform at the time was not certain, but now it could be closer than thought.

Previously, the company enabled a secondary website announcing that the non-expendable token platform would be available this June. It is now available to “enjoy the best NFT creation and trading experience ever”.

The option to subscribe to a newsletter is also available. To receive the “latest news, instructions on creating NFT and platform updates”.

Likewise, you can request information for the creation of non-fungible tokens, organize events or talk about trading opportunities. The company even provided a link to join the Binance NFT Telegram group.

The collectibles platform shows, as a featured image, the collections “Genesis”, whose auction will start in a few hours and” All Stars Mystery Box Series 1 ” that already allows bidding.

In the background, it shows the trending tokens. These are four works by the artists Ego Rangel (ArtCrypted), BiancaBeers, Sabotage and Mr. Sexman. All of them are at auction and with active offers on Binance Coin (BNB) and on the Binance USD stablecoin (BUSD).

The technology that is revolutionizing the digital world

NFT are cryptographic tokens with their own characteristics: they are unique, indivisible, indestructible, verifiable and non-interchangeable. They are used to verify a digital property. Thanks to their functions, they cannot be copied, replaced, split or converted. Developed with blockchain technology, they are tokens that represent an unrepeatable value. The key to NFT is Smart contracts.

The project that unites the DeFi and the NFT, Aavegotchi, launches the litepaper of “Gotchiverse”

One of the original cross-projects of decentralized finance and non-expendable tokens (DeFi / NFT) is taking a step forward today with the release of a metaverse litepaper.

Aavegotchi, a project that creates upgradeable NFTs backed by profitable positions on the Aave lending platform and money market.

Alchemica can be used to create enhancements to REALM plots. Including structures such as the “Gotchi Lodge”, which will allow groups of players to socialize and combine their farming efforts.

The updates will require a ” certain amount of blockchain blocks to finish building.” But liquidity providers from Aavegotchi’s internal AMM, the “Gotchus Alchemica Exchange,” can speed up the process with rewards for providing liquidity.

WENEW, new NFT company co-founded by the famous digital artist Beeple

Pioneer digital artist Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple, today unveiled the launch of WENEW. A curator and provider of iconic moments such as non-expendable tokens (NFT).

After bringing the NFT into the mainstream thanks to Christie’s $ 69 million sale of her digital masterpiece, “Everyday: The First 5000 Days,” Beeple seeks to change the way audiences interact with moments that make history.

Billed as” the memory palace of the metaverse, ” WENEW has partnered with renowned administrators of our cultural heritage, including TIME, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Wasserman and Endeavor. Negotiated by Endeavour’s IMG, the first pitch is made in partnership with the world’s most iconic tennis tournament, Wimbledon, and will celebrate Andy Murray’s historic victory in 2013.