According to a Twitter post by Bitcoin Magazine, Billionaire Peter Thiel’s software company Palantir Technologies Inc. is now accepting Bitcoin (BTC) payment. This means that customers can now pay for all Palantir Tech services anytime using BTC.

This movement represents the first time in history that Palantir Technologies is accepting Bitcoin payment. Moreover, apart from accepting BTC, this signals that the company is massively exploring when it comes to crypto.

With this said, Palantir Technologies CFO Dave Glazer has come out with his view. According to Glazer, Palantir Technologies is even planning to invest in Bitcoin as a treasury reserve asset.  

Further, crypto Twitter was very active in responding to Bitcoin Magazine’s post. Citing from their comments, many people stressed that they are extremely glad to see such a great step that Palantir Technologies has taken.

Not this alone, but others also questioned Bitcoin Magazine to figure out lucrative DeFi projects they can go in for. Furthermore, concerning this, the crypto community would not be much surprised if Palantir Technologies adds Bitcoin to its Balance sheet.

On the other hand, Palantir Technologies is not the first company that has disclosed accepting Bitcoin payment. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk previously announced that its electric car company Tesla is accepting Bitcoin payment before the company later suspended all purchases in BTC.