Shiba Inu announced the creation of two new tokens. The assets will be available and mark the launch of the DeFi project’s own decentralized financial platform, ShibaSwap.

The announcement brought some momentum to the market, and the SHIB token peaked at 35% during the development of Tuesday’s trading day. Despite suffering a slight drop in the following days, the cryptocurrency meme managed to have a good week. With a maximum above 20% in the last seven days.

In the wake of SHIB’s inclusion in Coinbase, the creators of the cryptocurrency announced the creation of two new tokens, $ LEASH and $ BONE. They will be used in their own decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, ShibaSwap.

According to the white paper of the project, the participation of $ HAT will be used as a reward SHIB and other cryptocurrencies of the platform. In addition, it will also manage the system, allowing proposals to be voted from 2022.

The price of Shiba Inu (SHIB) rose, after the cryptocurrency was officially listed on Coinbase Pro.

DeFi project offers $ 30 million for free Polygon debut

Decentralized Financial Exchange (DeFi) Kyber Network has partnered with the second-tier polygon aggregator to increase its liquidity through a new rewards program.

In a blog post, Kyber Network announced that it will be deployed on the Polygon network on June 30 this year.

The announcement further states that the network will also launch its first liquidity mining program on Polygon and Ethereum, with an estimated $ 30 million in rewards. The incentive, called “Rainmaker,” will begin on June 30, distributing rewards for three months to eligible liquidity providers (lps) in Kyber.

“The goal is to encourage liquidity providers and developers to use Kyber DMM by providing high performance on eligible token pairs and, in the process, increasing liquidity for the DeFi Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems.”

Mark Cuban says he ‘ chose’ not to see DeFi token issues

Investor Mark Cuban apologized for his involvement with the TITAN token, whose value plummeted to almost nothing on Wednesday. After investors sold their positions within minutes.

On his Twitter account, the investor, who also owns the Dallas Mavericks baseball team, said the same day that he was also hit by the accident, but denied being involved in any kind of scheme to profit from the incident.

Brazilian startup wants to use blockchain in the tourism sector

A Brazilian startup wants to boost the tourism sector, which was greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, by tokenizing hotel rates in the country. The project bets on the use of the blockchain network, through a DeFi protocol, which allows hotels to sell tokens that can be used to pay for their services. In addition, the company aims to develop NFT referring to the experiences lived by travelers in their travels.

Brazilian blockchain promises to solve Ethereum network problems

Despite being one of the largest blockchains in the world in terms of adoption and number of transactions, the Ethereum network has recently faced problems, especially in relation to its miners and the high fees charged.

A Brazilian engineer seems to have created a blockchain model that solves these problems, in addition to providing greater scalability to the network. The project has even attracted the attention of big Brazilian entrepreneurs, including YouTuber Felipe Neto. According to a publication.