Scott Conger, the mayor of Jackson, the eighth largest city in the state of Tennessee, United States, shared on Twitter his belief that Bitcoin is a solution to inflation.

It is worth mentioning, that Conger, was elected mayor in June 2019. And he is the third member of his family to hold the post, he has been busy in recent weeks tweeting about cryptocurrency and the city’s moves to adopt it.

By the way, for a few months, Scott Conger, seems convinced about the relevant role of Bitcoin. Since in April he first announced his plan to integrate cryptocurrencies into Jackson’s economy.

«The plans are very simple, we want to encourage the use of cryptocurrencies. I want people with a much greater knowledge of Blockchain to be in the room to discuss how we can incorporate cryptocurrencies into our city».

According to the statement issued by Conger, Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, has the potential to bring more opportunities to constituents. And, it will provide more options.

«It is very comforting to hear governments discuss different ways of financing things. If we can find another way to do it, that’s what we’ll do.».

Scott Conger backs Bitcoin as an instrument to end inflation

In particular, the rate of inflation in the United States has increased significantly. By the way, Scott Conger pointed out the inflation rate in his tweet and said that in his 37 years of existence on Earth, inflation in the United States had risen by 172.8%.

Scott Conger also called on citizens to demand much more from the federal government. And he indicated that with each passing year, the value of the US dollar is falling.

By the way, Conger followed in the footsteps of Mayor Miami, Francis Suarez, who has been pushing the city of Miami, to adopt tax and wage payments in Bitcoin.

Blockchain Working Group

Indeed, Mayor Scott Conger announced via Twitter that he would form a Blockchain Working Group. «This will help explore how to better position the city of Jackson for the future».

«Our Blockchain working group, is investigating how @CityofJacksonTN can accept property tax payments in Bitcoin. And allow our employees DCA in Bitcoin».

It is worth noting, that Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) is an investment strategy that aims to reduce the impact of volatility on large purchases of financial assets, such as stocks.

In addition, he explained that his Blockchain Working Group is looking for ways for the city to accept Bitcoin payments. Likewise, the city of Jackson is working, so that its employees can pay property taxes in Bitcoin.

As a curious fact, the news has been received positively in the community. Users turned to Twitter to show their support for the proposal in Mayor Scott Conger’s tweets.

By way of closure, Scott Conger, ended up with only one solution for inflation, Bitcoin. Do you agree with this opinion? Let it know in the comment box.

I bid farewell with this phrase of Georg Christoph Lichtenberg:”Inflation is like sin. Every government denounces it, but every government practices it».