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The price of Ethereum is very low again


After the Merge on 15 September, the price of ETH (Ethereum) is back down. 

Ethereum’s price before and after the Merge

Starting in the second half of July it had begun to rise, probably just ahead of the Merge, exceeding $2,000 in mid-August. It later fell to just above $1,400, but in the weeks before the Merge had climbed back up to nearly $1,800. 

It is worth noting that during 2022 it had also fallen below $1,000 in June, so summer prices were relatively high compared to annual lows. 

As soon as the Merge occurred, however, the price went back down, to almost $1,200 on 22 September. Since then it has been hovering around $1,300, which is a price only 30% above the annual low

This is 73% below the all-time high of nearly $4,900 touched in November last year, so in the long run the current one should be considered a decidedly low level. 

It is enough to consider that it is in line with that of February 2021, which was before the speculative bubble of last year began to inflate. It is also a level in line with the peak of the previous cycle, namely the approximately $1,400 touched in January 2018. 

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Over the years, while following Bitcoin’s halving cycle, Ethereum’s price has alternated between periods of great growth and periods of great decline. 

For example, after touching the previous all-time high at $1,400 the price during 2018 fell as low as $100, only to recover from mid-2020 with a series of remarkable rises. First it went back up to $400, then in early 2021 it even surpassed $1,000, and later in May it also exceeded $4,000

Something like this could also happen in the current cycle, which conventionally starts in May 2020, i.e. when Bitcoin’s third halving occurred. The fourth is expected in the spring of 2024. 

It is worth noting that in the previous cycle, the lowest price was touched in December of the year following the speculative bubble, after a drop of more than 90% from the previous highs. 

During the current cycle, it has not yet hit -90% from the highs, although 2022, the year after the bubble year, has yet to end. 

Those who bought ETH in late 2018 may have gained 4,800% if they had then resold in November 2021, and if something similar were to occur in the current cycle as well, the last months of 2022 could prove just as interesting. 

Moreover, now that it has switched to PoS, the next few years could also prove to be very interesting from the point of view of technological development, with a rather decent potential. 

Thus on the one hand, the current price of ETH seems decidedly low, while on the other, it is possible that in the coming months or years a new upward cycle similar to that of 2020/2021 will be triggered. 

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