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What Crypto Gifts Can You Award To Your Employees


What Crypto Gifts Can You Award To Your Employees?

There are several ways to reward employees with crypto.

Cryptocurrencies have grown tremendously in popularity among individuals and businesses across the world. Many major corporations even report keeping portions of their balance sheet in digital assets like BTC, ETH, USDT and others. Even after a tough latter half of 2022 for the crypto market as a whole, when Bitcoin price and other digital asset lows saw drops of up to 90% per asset – the adoption curve has continued to see an upwards trend.

Interest in crypto has remained, and even amplified across some industries. This and other signs of strength in the cryptocurrency industry have culminated to reflect growing relevance and preference for digital assets throughout business and financial sectors.

As progressive employers consistently search for attractive, effective ways to award and incentivize employees and their work performance, cryptocurrencies have gained more interest as an alternative for this need as well.


Effective Ways To Award Employees With Crypto Gifts

Fundamentally, employee rewards programs are designed similarly to customer rewards and loyalty programs. These factors include ensuring that the rewards are something people actually want and offer a seamless, friendly user experience.

BitCard® is a platform which offers a Bitcoin ($BTC) gift card proposition that serves many of the needs of today’s progressively-thinking businesses and companies. Businesses can order cards via API or subscriber catalog. Anyone in the Blackhawk Network, Tillo, SVS, WeGift catalogs can order cards and quickly have them available for immediate use. Cards are loaded with fiat value until the time of redemption, at which point their value is exchanged for Bitcoin. No worrying about market volatility.

Why $BTC Gift Cards Can Serve As A Valuable Crypto Gift Award

Bitcoin gift cards provided by BitCard® offer flexibility for the awardees. Employees gifted using this method have the option to hold Bitcoin upon redeeming their very own $BTC gift card for its value.

The BitCard® platform also enables users to track their crypto transactions and running balances on the digital wallet which is set up upon KYC registration, activation and redemption for the first time.

As a crypto gift in general, the BitCard product is simple and easy. It’s a Bitcoin Gift Card. Any company can purchase a bundle of them and hand them out once a month, raffle them off, or as Christmas gifts.

A Few Other Crypto Gift Ideas

Other effective ways to award employees with crypto include merch and alternative digital assets. Some examples of merchandise include; water bottles, towels, tee shirts, hats, lanyards, desk and office-related supplies or apparel such as mugs, pens, pencils, mouse pads, sweaters or jackets.

Platforms such as thecryptomerch.com offer apparel and more. Examples of alternative digital assets could include non-fungible tokens which could be related to specific digital environments that could serve as metaverse or gaming collectibles, social networking or others.

While these may be effective, it leaves room for deciding on what crypto or blockchain entity to align such gifts with, and also presents potential issues related to redemption of the awards.

Finding The Best Way To Award Employees

No matter which way an employer decides to go, the important thing to accomplish is establishing a program which can be easily implemented and maintained through some degree of automation. Perhaps gathering employee sentiment could serve as an effective method of identifying what works for the company’s specific group of employees and workers.

One thing that is clear is that cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity. Despite hitting rough patches in price levels and other market related metrics, it has been made clear that businesses and individuals alike are developing increased interest in cryptocurrencies more than ever before. For this reason, crypto gifts can be a very attractive option and work in the favor of company morale and productivity for many years to come.


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